BETFUNDA offer you make the right choice in industrial flooring materials.
BETFUNDA engaged in industrial floors, and the Laying of the coating. Cooperating with us, you can choose products from different manufacturers, their style and color. If you need industrial flooring, the installation – our team offers an opportunity to accomplish your object.

Some industrial floor coatings and solution components.

Before starting work, we need sufficient information about the object. We ask you a some questions to gather the necessary information. This will help to find the right solution for your plant.

We need information about traffic flow, intensively, a point load, as well as chemical and thermal effects of your industrial floors. Let us pray for you pastāstāt us about your working conditions.

BETFUNDA will offer you the financial opportunities within the process of concrete. Sometimes it is possible to designate a smaller quantity of the intense traffic lane, and it may help save your budget. Heavy and heavy traffic areas need durable coating that can withstand the wear and tear, such as epoxy resins, or any other of the industrial concrete floor coatings.

BETFUNDA is an independent company. This means that we will recommend the best solution. That’s why we’re prepared to discuss all options for your industrial floor coatings and creation.

BETFUNDA is practiced in various settings with the industrial floor decking. We also offer a warranty that includes labor and materials. Call, today, and get more information for us to tell you about the concrete coatings and their need.

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